We are a small family-owned garden and education business focused on creating a more sustainable and equitable community. We provide materials and resources for the home-gardener and community groups. Our mission is to help others grow and connect with the joy of nature.

Currently offering:

  • Over 50 varieties of plants for local pickup/delivery – we specialize in tomatoes
  • Plant-care tips
  • “Grow what you love” coaching
  • Food and herb preparation
  • Garden & Greenhouse tours (pending)
Cooper, our farm dog.

It all started with a dog. Our daughter really wanted a dog and I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn about hard work, commerce, and customer service. We dug in, using recycled materials and our driveway, and successfully raised enough money to adopt and care for a dog for one year. When we adopted Cooper, they were instantly like two peas in a pod.

Cooper is a perfect farm dog, too. He chases squirrels out of the garden and does his daily patrol from the middle of the yard. Don’t let his cuteness fool you, he’s fierce when it comes to catching rodents and a great guard dog.