Out of plant stock

We are currently out of stock on plants for sale on our website for the […]

Chilly out!

I had to pull the tomatoes in last night, 40 degrees is a bit too […]


When transplanting, whether it’s to spread out starts sprouted from seed in the garden or […]

Free Veggie Course

Stuck at home? OSU Master Gardeners is offering a free veggie course at this time. […]

Dig Dig Dig

Transplant time – now is a great time to move perennial plants while it’s still […]

Plant and Water Trees

Now is the time to water, compost/fertilize, and mulch your perennial fruit trees and shrubs. […]


Calling All Potatoes

Time to get your potatoes in the ground. Typically, growers order potato ‘seed’ from a […]


We specialize in over 30 varieties of tomatoes, including those for fresh eating, slicing, salads, […]


Plant Those Garlic

If you haven’t already, here’s your chance to plant garlic. Lots of products are sold […]