Welcome to our local Portland store. Though we have been growing starts and selling them out of our driveway on weekends in the spring for few year now, this is our first year going on online and so these are the first pictures of most of the varieties. We also have links to more information about a variety if available. Sometimes the picture is in a small pot but by the time we sell the plant it will be a larger pot.

If you are looking for something in particular but don’t see it let us know.

You can place your order online and then we will work with you to set up a time for local delivery or pickup. Also, if you’re not ready to plant yet but want to make sure we have something for you when you are, go ahead and order it — we will reserve it in our inventory and can keep it in our greenhouse for you until later when it’s warmer outside and time to plant. We will also have our sale set up in our driveway again later in the spring.

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