We specialize in over 30 varieties of tomatoes, including those for fresh eating, slicing, salads, drying, freezing stewing, saucing, canning, frying and…. anything else you can think to do with a tomato. Certain varieties lend themselves to specific tomato tasks, but we like to get creative.

  • Salads: Black cherry, sun gold cherry, Indigo rose
  • Slicing (as in BLT): Beefsteak, Brandywine, Cosmonaut Volkov
  • Stew/sauce/canning/paste: Salveterra’s select, Amish paste, ox heart
  • Drying: Super luscious, Prinape, Fiashetto di manduria
  • Curb appeal: striped, green zebra, Cherokee purple
  • Heirloom taste bombs: Ryan’s gnarly, Mashenka, Black krim, Ceylon
  • High antioxidants: Golden eye, Carbon
  • PNW climate happy: Cuor di Bue Albenga, Crnkovic Yugoslavian

Science on tomato antioxidants: